Cotton Like Candy

Our favorite event t-shirts (the comfortable yet affordable Hanes Tagless Tees) now come in light, vibrant shades called “coastal colors.”

Hanes tshirts in coastal colors

As a set, they do have kind of beach/island feel. The palette also reminds me of macarons or cotton candy. (Maybe I’m hungry.)

It’s just a happy set of colors that I could see putting a smile on the faces of your conference attendees, team, or customers.


Contact us to give your next conference or promotion a fresh look. We can even mix and match colors, so your merch table will be a pile of deliciously colorful goodness!



PS When we screenprint Hanes Tagless Tees, your favorite school can get box top credit!

2 New Lightweight Hoodies

How’s the weather where you are? Even here in sunny Arizona, the mornings have still been cool.

These lightweight hoodies are perfect for spring – whenever it comes your way! Order now for your event, conference, or team!

1. Independent Trading Company Lightweight Jersey Raglan Zip Hoodie

A 4.5-ounce hoodie with colorblocked sleeves. Perfect for those cool-breeze days when you need an extra layer and want to keep it super light.


2. Hanes Nano Pullover Hoodie

We love that Hanes participates in the Box Tops for Education program, and they’ve really stepped up their game with the modern feel of this 7.2-ounce ring-spun cotton-blend hoodie. It also comes in a full-zip style.


T-Shirts to Soften a Hater’s Heart

When Athlinks needed new t-shirts screen printed in a hurry, we were glad to help them out! We ordered the women’s Bella+Canvas tees they already loved and suggested a complementary men’s style with the nice, lightweight fabric they were looking for. 

Even the Athlinks team member who is rumored to “hate everything” loves the super-soft, comfy tees and the way they fit!

And we’re back!

Hey! How have you guys been? Did you miss us? Well, we’re back.

Over the holidays, we had a chance to recharge and reflect, and we’re looking forward to what’s coming next.

Last year, we started narrowing the broad range of design projects we offered to focus more on screen printed and embroidered apparel, especially event t-shirts. We’ll be continuing in that direction.

In fact, we’ve already kicked off 2014 with t-shirts and hoodies for WordCampPhx, which starts today. More details on those later, but here’s a sneak peek of April trying on the volunteer hoodie.

It’s good to be back.

Shirts and hoodies. Word.(Camp)

WordCamp Phoenix has a reputation for being one of the best user conferences for website/blogging platform WordPress.  A big part of what makes it great is the army of volunteers who make it happen.

Event organizers entice (and thank) volunteers with a much-sought-after hoodie that is not available to the public. We were proud to be asked to be part of this event and provide the prized hoodies, as well as attendee t-shirts.

Really sweet WordCamp Phoenix t-shirts.

Since the event was in mid-January, we started early to work around the holiday schedule.

We searched high and low to find t-shirts in a shade of blue to match the WordPress logo. Once we found those, we chose hoodies in a mocha color that would complement the t-shirts and the travel motif designer Lori Pasulka had created for the event.

Our initial t-shirt design had the event name off to the side, so the printing would go over the sleeve a bit with the tagline running up right side and the logo on the back.

Original WCPHX t-shirt design.


The hoodies initially had the event name and tagline on the right side of the hoodie in the stencil font Lori had chosen for the website’s headings.

WordCamp Phoenix 13 hoodie design



When worn together, the t-shirts would just say “Word.”

WordCamp Phoenix 2013 hoodie and t-shirt design


The WordCamp team made some revisions to the fonts and placement of the designs before they were ready for us to send them to print.

WCPHX final hoodie and t-shirt designs

When we delivered the 18 boxes of t-shirts and hoodies to Gangplank, I think event organizer Carol Stambaugh may have literally jumped for joy! She loved the colors, simple designs and quality product.  In fact, there was so much buzz that a photo of the (previously) top secret hoodies was leaked on Facebook.

Boxes of t-shirts and hoodies

Due to the event’s popularity and last-minute registrations, Carol was concerned that there weren’t going to be enough shirts and wanted to know about the possibility of another run right before the event. Usually, a second run of a design is not cost effective. However, we were able to work it out, so that WordCamp Phoenix got the second order of tees at the same price point as the first. They were done by the first day of the event, in time to replenish their stock and make sure there were enough tees to go around.

Thanks to Carol and her team, WordCamp Phoenix was again a huge success! They did a super job. And I hope those WordPress blue t-shirts and super comfy hoodies helped at least a little.


April Holle and Carol Stambaugh with a hoodie and a shirt.

I’ll be posting photos from WordCamp on our Facebook page. (Which reminds me, have you liked our page yet? We post great things about community events and small business resources!)



Preview of Gangplank Tucson #teesfortucson


A couple months before the new Gangplank opened up in Tucson, I headed south to deliver their first order of Gangplank t-shirts in person, tour their space and tweetup with Tucson Gangplankers-to-be.

Gangplank Tucson’s Grand Opening is today. While I’m unable to be there, I wish them all the very best, and I’m excited to see this new community grow!


More photos from our September #teesfortucson trip on Flickr.

The process of knowing: Wildcog Tees

When we started working with Wildcog, they already had a few of the ingredients for their t-shirt design, but they weren’t sure how they wanted it all put together. In addition to their logo, they sent us the definition of cognition (which is what puts the “Cog” in Wildcog). They also mentioned that they liked the Gangplank t-shirts.


Based on our conversation, I sketched out a few ideas for them and then presented them with 4 concepts that represented the look they were going for.

The one they chose focused on cognition with their logo on the back and cog on the side.
Wildcog tees
The screen printed tees have received rave reviews – and not just from the Wildcog team! They’ve also told us they receive compliments on their shirts every time they wear them.

In fact, they are so happy with the final product that they’re already ordering more!


How We Make It Happen: Gangplank Tees

I’ve mentioned Gangplank merch before. I’ve also discussed how we manage vendors to maintain our commitment to quality. But I still get a lot of questions about our part in the Gangplank t-shirts.

So, today, I thought I’d tell you the story:

Once upon a time there was a collaborative workspace in Chandler, Arizona called Gangplank. Gangplank had (has!) a lot of fans – the kind of fans who want to show their support in t-shirt form.


Long before we got involved, someone (I believe it was designer Matthew Butson) created a design for the future Gangplank tees.


The first printer Gangplank took the design to didn’t work out so well. They weren’t happy with the quality of the printing or service they were receiving. 


Since Bold Avenue was already supplying embroidered hats to the Gangplank store, Director of Operations Katie Charland shared her t-shirt challenges with me.


I did some brainstorming and offered Katie several solutions. She was excited to hear that we could provide quality screen printing on small runs of shirts for a reasonable cost.


And, thus, it came to pass that Bold Avenue began supplying the Gangplank t-shirts, as well. 

But that’s not the end. 


The shirts went over so well that we also helped Gangplank choose the perfect women’s tees for the store (super soft, lightweight Bella t-shirts), as well as men’s and women’s polos for Gangplank mentors


Gangplankers continue to order tees and hats via Katie groups these into a monthly(ish) order. We handle the embroidery and printing, check quality and sizes, and deliver them to Gangplank.

Now Gangplank has a cost-effective way to get quality merch to their fans, and Gangplank fans have tees and hats they love. 

Everybody wins! (And, hopefully, lives happily ever after!)

Q. We already have a logo. Can you use that on our t-shirts/business cards? #BoldFAQ


Yes, we’re happy to use an organization’s existing logo when we can. If you’re looking for company shirts (for example), we’re not going to try to sell you on a new logo just because we didn’t create the old one.

In fact, we’ve used client-provided logos on lots of past projects, such as tees, hats, buttons and business cards.

We recommend clients simply send the logo file(s) they have to us. We’ll take a look and let you know if those files will work as-is for your project. If not, we’ll explain what alternatives there are (for example, using a different print process or re-creating your logo in a more flexible format), so that your logo looks great on the finished product!


Trimming screen print costs

Some clients come to us with great ideas, but they need a little design problem-solving to get them to a finished product.

Recently, co-owners of a fitness studio approached us looking for logo t-shirts and hoodies to sell in their on-site boutique. 

Originally, they wanted to screen print several different versions of their logo on a few shirts each.

While we could accommodate the small runs, price was an issue for the newly-opened studio.

We discussed the factors that increase screen printing costs and worked with them to find a more cost-effective solution. In the end, we grouped orders together, and they chose their two favorite designs to be screen printed. Printing more shirts with each logo placement put the project within their budget. 

We delivered the printed shirts last week, and they love them!