Cotton Like Candy

Our favorite event t-shirts (the comfortable yet affordable Hanes Tagless Tees) now come in light, vibrant shades called “coastal colors.”

Hanes tshirts in coastal colors

As a set, they do have kind of beach/island feel. The palette also reminds me of macarons or cotton candy. (Maybe I’m hungry.)

It’s just a happy set of colors that I could see putting a smile on the faces of your conference attendees, team, or customers.


Contact us to give your next conference or promotion a fresh look. We can even mix and match colors, so your merch table will be a pile of deliciously colorful goodness!



PS When we screenprint Hanes Tagless Tees, your favorite school can get box top credit!

How to count colors

Color swatches

They don’t teach you how to count screen printing colors in kindergarten.

That’s why many people, understandably, think that a logo that is light blue and dark blue is a 1-color logo. But for screen printing (and sometimes other design purposes, as well), it would be considered 2 colors.

Screen printing inks are mixed ahead of time and are applied to t-shirts one at a time, so each shade is counted as a separate color. A design with fewer colors will help you save money on screen printing costs.

2-color logos