Cotton Like Candy

Our favorite event t-shirts (the comfortable yet affordable Hanes Tagless Tees) now come in light, vibrant shades called “coastal colors.”

Hanes tshirts in coastal colors

As a set, they do have kind of beach/island feel. The palette also reminds me of macarons or cotton candy. (Maybe I’m hungry.)

It’s just a happy set of colors that I could see putting a smile on the faces of your conference attendees, team, or customers.


Contact us to give your next conference or promotion a fresh look. We can even mix and match colors, so your merch table will be a pile of deliciously colorful goodness!



PS When we screenprint Hanes Tagless Tees, your favorite school can get box top credit!

6 Things To Know Before Getting Company Shirts Embroidered

Uniform shirts with a company logo give even a small business a more cohesive, professional look. Whether you choose polos, oxford-style button downs, or work wear, here are some things you should know before you get them embroidered with your logo.

1. Pricing is based on stitch count.

It takes more stitches to embroider a larger or more “filled in” design. The number of stitches required is the stitch count.

2. Embroidery machines work because of magical files.

Okay, maybe they’re not actually magic, but .DST files (or “tapes,” if you’re old school) have capabilities way beyond regular ol’ image files. They not only show how a logo should look, they contain the instructions directing the machine how to sew it, so it can automatically use the right color and stitches.

3. DST is not DIY.

Creating a DST (embroidery machine) file requires specialized knowledge and embroidery-specific software. Whoever is doing your embroidery (we recommend contacting us, obviously!), will be able to convert a vector art logo into a DST.

4. Converting your logo file to be embroidered is called “digitizing.”

This usually requires a one-time fee of $40-100, depending on the number of stitches. However, changing the size or design of your embroidery requires digitizing another file. Once it’s created, feel free to request it if you’d like to keep your own copy.

5. Shirt embroidery is often placed on the left chest, above the pocket (if there is one).

The size will usually range from about 2-3.5 inches wide, depending on the design. Really thin lines or small print can’t be embroidered.

6. Coordinating hats, jackets, and bags can make your team look even more together!

  • Hats: Most hats have a maximum embroidery size of about 2 inches, so think about using a simplified version of your logo or just one iconic element.
  • Jackets: Unlined jackets and windbreakers are great to keep your logo visible in cooler temperatures. Check out safety vests for high visibility or hoodies for more casual environments.
  • Bags: Many types of totes, duffels, messenger bags, laptop sleeves, and even luggage can be embroidered. Think about ordering extra for client gifts.

First photo by Justin Taylor. CCL.

Our Favorite Event Shirts

A conference tee that attendees don’t want to wear is a wasted opportunity.

However, a shirt that people are comfortable in is more likely to be worn again, even after the event is done. While past attendees are going about their daily business in their communities, those shirts are spreading the word about your event or organization.



Our top-selling t-shirt for conferences, camps, and other events is the Hanes Tagless Tee. It’s a great option for event organizers on a budget, because it’s both affordable and comfortable. We see people wearing them over and over. They are 100% cotton with lots of colors, sizes S-3XL, and no tags!  


Polo Shirts

Some organizers like to also order polo shirts for the event staff, volunteers, and/or speakers. The Hanes Comfortblend EcoSmart Jersey Knit Sport Shirt is a great complement to Hanes t-shirts. There are several matching color options, and we can screen print the same design on the polos as the tees to bring your costs down.


Education Program

Don’t forget that Hanes has a program for supporting local schools with your purchase.

Contact us to order shirts, swag, and signage for your next big event!



2 New Lightweight Hoodies

How’s the weather where you are? Even here in sunny Arizona, the mornings have still been cool.

These lightweight hoodies are perfect for spring – whenever it comes your way! Order now for your event, conference, or team!

1. Independent Trading Company Lightweight Jersey Raglan Zip Hoodie

A 4.5-ounce hoodie with colorblocked sleeves. Perfect for those cool-breeze days when you need an extra layer and want to keep it super light.


2. Hanes Nano Pullover Hoodie

We love that Hanes participates in the Box Tops for Education program, and they’ve really stepped up their game with the modern feel of this 7.2-ounce ring-spun cotton-blend hoodie. It also comes in a full-zip style.


And we’re back!

Hey! How have you guys been? Did you miss us? Well, we’re back.

Over the holidays, we had a chance to recharge and reflect, and we’re looking forward to what’s coming next.

Last year, we started narrowing the broad range of design projects we offered to focus more on screen printed and embroidered apparel, especially event t-shirts. We’ll be continuing in that direction.

In fact, we’ve already kicked off 2014 with t-shirts and hoodies for WordCampPhx, which starts today. More details on those later, but here’s a sneak peek of April trying on the volunteer hoodie.

It’s good to be back.

WordUp AZ T-Shirts

WordUp t-shirt screen printing closeup

What do we do when an email comes in midday on a Tuesday from someone needing t-shirts printed for an event that Saturday?

We make it happen. 

Cody Landefeld was part of planning Gangplank Avondale’s WordUp event (pics), an unconference for WordPress developers. He created a t-shirt design and needed screen printing done in time for the fast-approaching event. We found shirts with enough kelly green stock available on short notice (it was right before St. Patrick’s Day, so this was an issue), and expedited the order for delivery on Friday.

When conference attendees arrived, the WordUp tees were there waiting for them.

4 New Ways to Wear Your Organization or Event Name

There are some neat new apparel options out now for your company, club, team, organization or next event.

Here are some of my favorite functional, fashionable and funky finds!


1. Taller tees

Hanes Beefy T Tall T-Shirt
First, good news for the tall guys: Hanes Beefy Ts now come in tall sizes! I know some of you are always on the lookout for shirts with longer tails. Now you have a quality, heavyweight option for yourself or the tall guy(s) in your organization. Also, Hanes still lets you count each t-shirt in your order as a “box top” for your local school.


2. On-Trend Dolman Sleeve Tops

BELLA+CANVAS Women's Flowy Draped Sleeve Dolman Tee

BELLA+CANVAS Women’s Flowy Draped Sleeve Dolman Tees are great for women looking for a more sophisticated alternative to a basic t-shirt. We can incorporate your logo into a design that will fit the stylish look of the shirt either for fashion-forward employees or as part the branded merchandise you offer your fans!


3. Sun Shielding Hats

Adams® Extreme Outdoor Cap

If you work outside, Adams Extreme Outdoor Caps can help you brave the heat. It includes an extended visor and neck cape that rolls up when not in use. It has an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of over 45. We can embroider them with your organization name, and even put each individual team member’s name on the other side, so no one gets their sweaty hats mixed up.


4. Custom T-Shirt Dying

We now offer custom dyed apparel. Whether you’re looking for trendy ombre or funky tie dye, we can customize your shirt with your colors and style. Super to show team spirit for sports or school shirts – or for any group that wants a unique look.

Stay tuned for our upcoming post on the best in bags.

In the meantime, what do you need? Contact us – we’re happy to help you outfit your team!

Shirt orders support schools

You may be familiar with the Box Tops for Education program, a program that gives cash to schools based on “box top” coupons clipped.  

But did you know that you can also help local schools when you purchase screen printed t-shirts or polos for your business or organization? If you order screen printing on Hanes products, you can submit your Bold Avenue invoices to any school participating in the Box Tops program. The school will earn 1 box top per shirt, which they can redeem for educational supplies. (See for details.)

Can’t find your last invoice? Just let us know, and we’ll email you a copy you can submit to the school of your choice.

Printable PDF with details: HANESPrintable_Info_Cards

Who knew calendars and aprons could make dreams come true?


Bold Avenue is making Robin Ray’s dream come true. (Her words!)

Robin is an artist, working in watercolor and ceramics and participating in the annual Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour. During this event, Cave Creek-area artists open their studios to the public, displaying, selling and demonstrating their craft.

It has been Robin’s dream to reach a wider audience with her art – especially her whimsical watercolors of animals – by featuring it on items people can use.



The art of design

She was referred to Bold Avenue by her sister (one of our t-shirt clients), and, while she had some ideas about what she wanted, she was unsure of the best way to make it all happen. 

The good news? Making it happen is kind of our specialty.

We worked with her to find products that fit the bill: sturdy and roomy canvas shopping totes, wide aprons, and the right paper for her greeting cards (as well as a cost-effective way to print small quantities of 12 different card designs!). When a traditional calendar wouldn’t work, we designed a new calendar format for her.

For each product, we created designs that would keep the focus on her gorgeous artwork, while making it sure it fit each medium and giving it a finished look.


Calendars to keep forever

The biggest challenge came in making Robin’s series of calendar art – watercolors of Arizona animals with lessons to teach for each month of the year – into an actual calendar. 

Calendars, of course, are dated. And Robin was concerned about not selling all of her 2012 calendars before the end of the year. We didn’t want to do anything that would make the calendars less functional or her art too small, but we did need to make sure her investment would last beyond the next couple months. 

After meeting with Robin, brainstorming, and researching calendar formats, I came up with a way to feature Robin’s art on a reusable calendar. The art pages are all on the top half, which (similar to a regular wall calendar) you flip over each month to see the new page. On the bottom is a grid for the dates, which is dry erasable. Each month, you just flip the art page over, wipe off the old dates and write in the new ones. You can use it month after month, year after year. 

As Robin’s words on the cover say, it’s made to “take to heart and keep forever.”



Starting this weekend, you can see Robin’s art (originals, as well as calendars, cards, totes and aprons), along with the work of 144 other artists, on the self-guided Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour (Nov. 18-20, 25-27). You create your own tour route at